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Villa Quintarelli-Ruffo
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We are custodians of time, we are living branches of a brave vineyard, clinging to the stones of the Negrar valley, in the classic Valpolicella.

Nepos Villae is the dream of our family that finally comes true, our contribution to a territory that needs to express itself, our sincere tribute to the women and men who belonged to these lands.

The beating heart of our tradition, “Campo di Villa” Amarone is our distinctive cru, originating from the majestic vineyard located among the marls of the ancient contrada of Villa. This ancient vineyard dominates the Negrar Valley, serving as a treasure chest of values and affections that represent the excellence of our family history. Here the historical resurgent ideal of founder Giovan Battista Quintarelli is fused with the young innovative passion of his great-grandson Francesco, embodying a contemporaneity that harmoniously blends with the history and tradition of these centuries-old walls. “Campo di Villa” is a testament to historic Valpolicella that transcends its borders.

A heartfelt dedication to the thousand-year-old Strada Campiona, traced by the ancient Romans, which has always connected the Quintarelli Ruffo villa to the family properties for centuries. This road served as a link between the Negrar and Valpantena valleys, a human furrow never forgotten. Redolent in ancient maps, especially the one dated 1746, the Strada Campiona emerges as a symbol of a path through the centuries and into the future, symbolizing the timeless link between vineyards, wine and authentic Valpolicella.

A fascinating journey into the past through Contrà del Tono, now just a memory in the picturesque landscape of Valpolicella Classica. Formerly located along the road that climbed from Villa to Quena, this district is still plotted on the splendid family map of 1746, forming an indelible seal in the heart of the region.

Very deep purple-red color, intense aroma of cherries in spirit with mild, well-integrated notes of berries and raspberry. Sweet, silky palate with beautiful freshness and elegance

Vanilla, caramel and coffee sensations with nuances of toasted wood, licorice and butter biscuit. 

 Opening in the glass, it expresses delicate and intriguing notes of chestnut honey, musk and underbrush.

A slightly floral sensation of acacia honey and lily of the valley, a delicate fruity feeling of nectarine, dried apricot, with nuances of exotic fruit and Williams pear.

The texture and roundness on the palate is enveloping. Dryness is well defined with a certain glycerol roundness that enhances pleasantness.

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Unique experiences and emotions, values and passions to be exchanged with those who know how to fully appreciate the sweet taste of authentic things.

Today Nepos Villae generously opens to the world to share the heritage of which it has been the custodian for centuries.


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Valpolicella winery

Villa, vineyard and winery

A fascinating residence of 1500 and a prestigious vineyard in Villa di Negrar. A place that we have always called “home”, a corner of Valpolicella that needed a voice to tell its story.

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