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We are custodians of time, we are living branches of a brave vineyard, clinging to the stones of the Negrar valley, in the classic Valpolicella.

Nepos Villae is the dream of our family that finally comes true, our contribution to a territory that needs to express itself, our sincere tribute to the women and men who belonged to these lands.

Our identifying cru. The master vineyard from which everything started and where everything continues. The field of grapes rising among the marls of the ancient district of Villa. An ancient vineyard that observes the Negrar Valley from above.

A special dedication goes to the ancient Roman road where the villa Quintarelli Ruffo and the family properties have insisted for centuries. A way of connection between valleys, that of Negrar and that of Valpantena.

The district that is no more. Contrà del Tono could be found once along the road that from Villa went up to Quena. In the beautiful original family map of 1746, drawn up by the engineer Cristofoli, it can still be recognized.

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Valpolicella wine tasting

Unique experiences and emotions, values and passions to be exchanged with those who know how to fully appreciate the sweet taste of authentic things.

Today Nepos Villae generously opens to the world to share the heritage of which it has been the custodian for centuries.

Valpolicella tastings
Grapes Illustrations Nepos Villae
Valpolicella winery

A fascinating residence of 1500 and a prestigious vineyard in Villa di Negrar. A place that we have always called “home”, a corner of Valpolicella that needed a voice to tell its story.

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