Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG

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Our identifying cru. The master vineyard from which everything started and where everything continues. The field of grapes rising among the marls of the ancient district of Villa. An ancient vineyard that observes the Negrar Valley from above. Campo di Villa is a treasure chest of values and affections. The excellence of our family history, the beating soul of a style of austere elegance and gentle pleasantness. Campo di Villa represents the fusion between the historical ideals of the Risorgimento of the founder Giovan Battista Quintarelli and the young overwhelming innovative passion of his great-grandson Francesco. Contemporaneity that cannot transcend the history and tradition of these ancient walls. The historic Valpolicella that looks beyond its borders.
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Service temperature

18-20 ° C.

Alcohol content


Data sheet

Production area: Negrar Valley, classic Valpolicella.

Grapes: Corvina gentile, Corvina grossa, Rondinella, Molinara.

Harvest: By hand, in the second half of September, with the grapes placed in boxes. The grapes are dried until the middle of January.

Pressing: In the second half of January the grapes are removed from the drying boxes, the bunches are sorted and then softly pressed.

Fermentation: Vinification in steel at a controlled temperature and contact with the skins for about 40 days with hand punching down.

Refinement: After the red vinification, the wine is aged in large French oak barrels from Allier and Troncais for 48 months. Subsequently, the wine is left to refine in the bottle for 4-6 months before being placed on the market.

Organoleptic characteristics

Its garnet red color has intense reflections. A beautiful texture and partial impenetrability. The nose is decidedly complex with a nice verticality of the aromas. It expresses all the elegance of a limestone and marly, fine and frank territory. Fruity with a pleasant sensation of blackberry cherry drowned in chocolate. A Boer that emanates rich sensations of cocoa and black berries. Sweetly balsamic with nuances of gentle tobacco and chestnut honey. On the palate it has a nice freshness and a clear flavor. It opens with kindness and offers an enveloping and captivating round tannin. Fruit and black pepper with delicate sensations of cloves and cinnamon. Definitely almond finish with long persistence.


Amarone Campo di Villa is a kind gentleman in a top hat and tailcoat! In its persuasiveness and austerity of the fruit, it expresses a great overall elegance and a beautiful complexity. It expects spicy, fatty and long-aged cured meats such as a nice Violin from Chiavenna, a black pork ham from Sila or a gray from the Tuscan Casentino. Long processed meats, braised Chianina PGI, game, white veal fillet from the central Apennines. Excellent with long-aged cheeses of the Italian tradition such as Castelmagno DOP, Bitto DOP, Bagoss, Vezzena Vecchio, Monte Veronese Stravecchio di Malga Slow Food Presidium, Caciocavallo podolico, Ragusano DOP. Try the intriguing pleasure of accompanying it with a touch of 80% single-origin South American dark chocolate. At the end of the meal, bring it close to a round Cuban Toro Cohiba.