Cantina Nepos Villae: the testimony of “The Chronicle of Verona”

Villa Quintarelli-Ruffo

“1875” is the date engraved on the oldest barrels in the cellar. A simple writing that sets in motion a reflection, which then takes the form of an idea. This is how three brothers enhance a very ancient history, in a modern key, giving life to a project. This project is called Nepos Villae and lives in Villa Quintarelli-Ruffo, in Negrar, in the Villa locality, keeping and taking care of “typical wines among atypical wines”.
When was the Nepos Villae company born?
The current winery was born in 2017 on the initiative of my brothers Gilberto and Maria Chiara. We have chosen to resume an ancient family winemaking tradition testified by the presence, in the historic cellar, of wooden barrels dated 1875. Observing these barrels inspired us and we decided that our wines absolutely had to reflect the classic tradition of Valpolicella. This moment marked the beginning of our modern history. From a fusion of the necessary modernity, personal experiences and traditions present in our family.
Why this name, “Nepos Villae”?
“Nepos” the grandson, in the lived experience, is the one who can carry on a tradition. “Villa” is the location where we are based. Villa’s nephew. It indicates the will to continue of those who will come after us.
What can be found in your wines?
The ancient aromas and concepts that characterized Valpolicella wine in the past: intensity of aromas, persistence in the nose and in the mouth, perfect drinkability without the nuisance of burning in the throat that alcohol can cause, freshness even in wine that is already a few years old , without color overload. In a nutshell: “the pleasure of drinking a good wine”.
Projects for the future?
The projects for the future focus on respect for our territory, on creating an awareness of good drinking in the consumer, and on the proposal of wines that are as attentive to tradition as possible. In fact, we want to avoid upheavals deriving from individual market needs. We were very happy with the definition given by a sommelier and chef to our wines: “typical among the atypical”. For us, the best compliment.
Three words to describe the company’s philosophy?
I like to quote our motto “villa, braccia, cuore”.
What is the most representative wine of your company?
We produce only the three typical wines of the classic area. If I really have to choose, I would like to mention the Valpolicella Classico Superiore, a true icon of our production philosophy
Can you tell us?
A restaurateur defined it as “not comparable to other superior classics”, as, when tasted, “it gives the sensation of drinking the Valpolicella of my youth”. It is a wine with strong tannins, which allows to have a long and full scent both in the nose and in the mouth. The aromas are intense and persistent. It is fresh and light, rightly savory, inviting the next sip. It is particularly clean and balanced, has a well structured body, and its color is bright red.