Un pesse nel prà

A Story to Discover

Nepos Villae grape bunch illustration

“UN PESSE NEL PRA” is a unique proposal in the Veronese culinary scene (and not only!) that speaks of territory in the highest of its exceptions, creatively combining at least as much as erudite, the fish and botanical herbs of our territory. It is a sensory experience proposed as a tasting menu to be ideally paired with the wines of our territory, with the intention of providing guests with memorable tastings made of unique flavors – and colors.

“Un Pesse nel Pra'” is a classic example of positive contamination between elements that on paper differ from each other, but actually perfectly combine the sweet tones of fish with the varied characters of wild herbs.

It is also and above all the culmination of a path of research that has deep roots in knowledge of the elements. The project is the result of a collaboration between Fiorella dal Negro, owner of Agriturismo Torricelle, and Andrea Berti, owner of the seafood counter at Galleria Filippini in downtown Verona and present in the area as an Archichef at home. A collaboration that came about spontaneously and immediately brought positive emotions to those who had the chance to try it.

Never have two different ones been so equal.

100€ per guest

4 courses of fish with sauces with mix Italian and Japanese cuisine

Local garden and meadow product ( edible flower petals )

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