Nepos Villae's History

There is a precise date engraved on the barrels of the oldest wing of our winery: 1875.

Our mission is to continue to tell an authentic story. This land already contains in its casket a precious heritage: a long tradition of winemakers to be carried on with passion and courage.

The Origins
Winery Valpolicella
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Time line

Rural House

The date to which the oldest wing of the villa, born as a rural house, dates. The date to which the oldest wing of the villa, born as a rural house, dates.


Family chapel

Next to the villa is built the family chapel dedicated to St. Francis, still used for worship.


The Villa

During the 18th century the house was enlarged and transformed into a beautiful villa.


Quintarelli Family

The villa is inherited by the Quintarelli family, now Ruffo, the current owners.


Wine and Tradition

The date engraved on the oldest barrels of the winery, signifying the long experience of winemakers before us.


Nepos Villae

A family dream come true, the beginning of an adventure of passion and courage.

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A generation that continues - Nepos Villae

Gianfranco and Gilberto are the guardians of time and guide the young Francesco, Lucia and Anna along a beautiful journey of winemakers in the Valpolicella Classica, passing on the values of passion, dedication and loyalty that characterize this project of excellence.