Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore d.o.c.

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A heartfelt dedication to the thousand-year-old Strada Campiona, traced by the ancient Romans, which has always connected the Quintarelli Ruffo villa to the family properties for centuries. This road served as a link between the Negrar and Valpantena valleys, a human furrow never forgotten. Redolent in ancient maps, especially the one dated 1746, the Strada Campiona emerges as a symbol of a path through the centuries and into the future, symbolizing the timeless link between vineyards, wine and authentic Valpolicella.

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Service temperature

16 – 18° C.

Alcohol content

14 %

Data sheet

Production area: Negrar Valley, classic Valpolicella.

Grapes: 1.2 kg of fresh grapes, lightly dried for 35/45 days (Corvina gentile, Corvina grossa, Rondinella, Molinara).

Harvest: By hand with placement of grapes in suitable containers. The grapes undergo a drying period of about 35-45 days.

Pressing: Soft in a horizontal press at low temperature.

Fermentation: Vinification in steel at a controlled temperature and subsequent light cryomaceration with hand punching down.

Aging: 1 year in steel followed by 24/36 months in large Slavonian oak barrels, with subsequent return to steel until bottling. At least 12 months in bottle before sale.

Organoleptic characteristics

The color of the wine is particularly intense with a ruby red hue and a purplish reflection. Its scent is rich in red fruit and in particular of ripe cherries and berries. Sensations of withering due to the Ripasso technique, more corpulent and decisive tannins but particularly round and pleasant on the palate. Good spiciness with a strong sensation of black pepper and a particular note of warm nutmeg. Persistent finish with an evident fresh sensation of cherry and almond dried fruit. Finely balsamic with an intriguing menthol note.


This Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore is extremely versatile in the kitchen, suitable for younger palates and perfect for moments of relaxation, accompanying appetizers and small savory pastries made with cured meats and medium-flavored cheeses. Excellent with soppressa and salami in various Italian preparations, it pleasantly accompanies traditional cheeses from the foothills of the Alps, Piedmontese tome, Monte Veronese Mezzano DOP, aged Asiago DOP, and alpine Vezzena. Intriguing with Sicilian goat cheeses from Maltese goats. It goes well with pasta dishes made with meat sauces, beats of meat from the Romagna or Chianina IGP breeds. Ideal for Tuscan-style crostini and Piedmontese fassona steaks.

Data sheet